Couple standing by sign at front of facility.
Sign at front of facility


The owners, Gary and Maria built an RV storage facility based on what they had experienced while owning a boat. “We deliver a product we are proud of and functional for our customers.” The size of the facilities’ features and the types of parking are designed for oversized vehicles, trucks with boat trailers, Class A RVs, and motor homes. Additionally, we provide a mix of storage types and sizes to accommodate the storage needs of different vehicles.

Size Matters

Vehicle sizes vary greatly: heights, lengths, widths, and weights. The tallest a vehicle’s height can be legally is 13ft 6in. Class A motor homes can be up to 45 feet long and pull a tow vehicle behind them. Additionally, the maximum width, barring attachments like mirrors and handles and assorted other options, is 8ft 6in. Our engineered storage facility accounts for all the size attributes mentioned above. Parking spaces are a minimum of 12ft wide. What’s more, each building’s minimum height of 14 feet ensures all vehicles will clear their roof. As well as, the building lengths can house motor cycles or 45ft motor homes, with room to spare. The drive aisles are a minimum of 50ft to 55ft wide. Our concrete driveways and rock topped parking can support the heaviest RVs. Furthermore, we avoid crossing traffic with 20ft entrance and exit gates. Not to mention, no dead end aisles.

Aerial View of Oasis Rv Boat Storage
Aerial view of Oasis RV Boat Storage

Types of Parking

RV covered storage and boat covered storage are available with pull-thru or back-in parking.

Pull-Thru parking, the driver enters and exits the parking space without ever having to back up. Being tired from a road trip then dealing with backing a trailer is last thing you want. 

Back-In parking, uses a spotter – usually a spouse, that spots you from the passenger side – blind side, of the camper or trailer. The driver has to align the tow vehicle and trailer, then proceed to back it into the storage space. If you are by yourself, get out and check your progress and position, don’t let your ego get the best of you. You can see this parking type has its disadvantages – one is marriage counseling costs.

Additionally, our RV storage facility buildings are built free span – no interior columns to get in the way of doors or compartments after you are parked.  

Picture of large metal building with support columns on outside edges to diminstrate free span building
Free span building design