The FAQ for Oasis RV Boat Storage comes from our customer questions about our facility and its operation. We have answered their questions here to help you better understand our business. Feel free to call us if you do not see your question answered below.

What procedure is used to gain access to the facility?

Keypads, customers are required to key in and key out using a unique gate code.
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Are there any amenities at the facility?

A wash station, your bucket, your suds and your muscle, my water. Additionally, an air station with a 50ft hose on a retractable reel the compressor goes to 135 PSI.
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As well as, separate entrance and exit gates to keep traffic from crossing paths, a 150 feet of driveway to allow you to move your vehicle out of traffic when entering. A level concrete driveway at the public road to ensure all your wheels are ready when you are to enter traffic.

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Is a contract required? And what are the terms?

Yes, Texas Self Storage Association standardized vehicle storage contracts are used, addendums are used when storing in a garage unit. One month is the minimum time of a contract, the contract then continues month to month until a notice of termination is given. A 10-day termination notice is required when leaving. All lease payments are due on or before the 1st of each month. Payments not received by the 5th of each month incur a late fee. Avoid late fees and use our automatic monthly payment option. Just so you know, the contract is exclusive between Oasis RV Boat Storage and the tenant. One more thing, a $25 one time admin fee is charged to enter your information into our billing and gate systems. If you leave and come back the admin fee is waived.

What is required to execute a contract?

A valid state driver’s license, current vehicle registration,and current insurance on the vehicle you are storing.Enahnce the faq on contracts

Is there an office at your facility?

There is no office at the facility. My cell phone is my office and the tailgate of my pickup is my desk. No automation here, just good old fashion service. I enjoy meeting my customers and showing them the facility and their parking space. Additionally, I like to make sure the gate code works and answer any questions they may have.

Are credit cards accepted?

Credit and debit cards are accepted and can be set up in our automatic monthly payment system. Bank’s bill pay systems ACH and checks can also be used. All payments are due on or before the 1st of each month.
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Can I leave another vehicle in my storage unit when I go out on trips?

Yes, any vehicle left in your space must be on the contract.

My truck and trailer are very long, is there room to maneuver at your facility?

The engineered facility is designed for long, and oversized vehicles. Offset entrance and exit from public road by 150ft, drive aisles 55ft wide, entrance and exit gates open to 20ft, no dead ends – see the picture below. Furthermore, building heights above 14ft for tall vehicle clearance, oversized garage doors, concrete drive aisles, parking pad designed with a 3% grade to eliminate standing water. All of these features and more to help you navigate your road warrior without worry thru the facility.
Aerial View of Oasis Rv Boat Storage

I would like to store multiple vehicles if they all fit in my space can I lease just one parking space from you?

Yes, the best plan is to call us and let us help you discover the most cost effective option to store your vehicles. Any vehicle left in your space has to be on the lease.

Do you have cameras at your facility?

High definition (HD) digital cameras with remote monitoring. Furthermore, individual gate codes are needed to enter and exit the facility. The entire property is fenced with commercial grade chain link fencing. As well as, the use of dusk to dawn LED lighting, for a very well lit facility. No commercial or mini storage is allowed at the facility.

Do I have to pay for my storage unit if I am out traveling?

Sounds like a silly question but I get this all the time. Yes, if you want to ensure your space is available when you return. Another option is to terminate your current contract – save the money, I get it, then contact us when you get back. Usually, we can restart the contract if there is available parking space.

I like to work on my vehicle is this allowed?

No. Repairs or maintenance on vehicles can not be performed inside the facility.

Are there garage units at your facility?

Yes, 50ft garage units and 30ft garage units with oversized garage doors.