Garage 50ft MD Price

Man standing in open door way of 50ft garage with boat in background.
50ft Long garage with manual door. *Lease for $325.00 a month.

Total enclosed RV storage in these oversized garage units leases for $325.00 a month.

The extra large inside RV storage garage or inside boat storage is 50ft L x 15ft W x 16ft H with a manual door 12ft W x 14ft H. You use your lock on the door. The unit has a 20 amp circuit for your trickle charger along the back wall. With a concrete floor and metal walls that are from the floor to ceiling make this garage all yours. There are gutters and down spouts on the building to eliminate splash back when it rains. A concrete apron helps transition your vehicle to the concrete floor. Best of all the driveway in front of these units is fifty-five feet wide!