To help us make your self-storing a vehicle at Oasis RV Boat Storage easier the following current documentation is required: registration, insurance, and driver’s license. Scroll down this page and select a picture below of the storage type you are interested in to get a detailed description of the unit and its pricing.

Man standing by open garage door to 50ft garage with Class A RV inside.
Garage 50ft enclosed RV storage.
Lease for $375.00 a month
Man standing in open door way of 50ft garage with boat in background.
Garage 50ft enclosed RV storage.
Lease for $350.00 a month.
Fishing boat in 30ft garage with open door
Garage 30ft enclosed boat storage or enclosed RV storage.
Lease for $250 to $300 a month based on configuration.
Large fifth wheel RV in covered 50ft pull thru self storage.
Covered 55ft Pull Thru RV storage.
Lease for $249.00 a month.
Class C RV backed into covered storage
Covered 32.5ft Three Sided RV storage.
Lease for $169.00 a month.
Several RVs parked under a covered pull thru canopy.
Covered 35ft Pull Thru RV or Boat Storage. Lease for $159.00 a month.
Picture of large metal building with support columns on outside edges to diminstrate free span building
Covered 27.5ft Back in RV Trailer or Boat Storage. Lease for $139.00 a month.
Open trailer parking along fence
Open storage up to 50ft.
Lease for $99.00 a month

You can choose how to make your monthly lease payment to make it easier for you. The payment options are an invoice is sent to your email 10 days before the first of each month with a payment link. From this link accepted forms of payment are credit cards, debit cards or ACH bank transfer. Checks can be mailed, and all payment types are due on the 1st of each month. Many of our customers choose to use our automatic monthly payment system for their convenience and this avoids late fees.

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